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Registration for the 2015–2016 year is open. Please consider carefully before ordering printed materials, and help us go green.

Only schools in the U.S., U.S. territories, Puerto Rico, and Canada need to enter an ACT Code.

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Multiple Registration Schools, Organizations, and Institutions

Register students online with ACT Prebilled Vouchers!
(Intended for registration for national test dates)

Prebilled Registration Vouchers eliminate the need to obtain, distribute, collect, and mail paper registration folders. Additional Information. (PDF; 3 pages).

2015–2016 ACT Register by Mail Packets

(for testing in the U.S., U.S. territories, Puerto Rico, or Canada)

These packets are to be used only by students who cannot register online. Indicate the quantity you are requesting next to the reason your students cannot register online.

Reg by Mail Packets

Note: If you plan to organize a group registration at your school, download the Multiple Registration Procedures (PDF; 3 pages)

Orders will be shipped via FedEx or comparable service to educational institutions only. Allow 7–10 working days for delivery.