Students use their ACT scores

  • to assess their own readiness for college and career
  • to identify academic areas where they need improvement
  • to support their college admission applications

In addition, the Interest Inventory which accompanies the ACT gives students individualized information for college and career planning.

Sample Student Report

High schools use ACT scores

  • to guide students toward college and career readiness
  • to identify students who need assistance with certain subject areas or academic skills
  • to evaluate the effectiveness of instruction
  • to plan changes and improvements in the curriculum

Sample High School Report

Colleges and universities use ACT scores

  • to inform admission decisions
  • to give students their best chance of success in first-year courses
  • to help their students plan appropriate programs of study

Sample College Report

State departments of education use statewide ACT testing

  • to raise awareness and exposure to higher education opportunities among all students, rather than just self-selected, college-bound students
  • to bring more men, more minorities, and more middle- and low-income students into the enrollment pipeline

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