Testing Timeline

For each of the six national test dates . . .

  • The Registration Deadline occurs 4 to 5 weeks before the test date. Registrations submitted on or before this deadline do not incur a late registration fee.
  • Registrations are accepted up through the Late Deadline, 2 to 3 weeks before the test date. Between the registration deadline and the late deadline, a non-refundable late registration fee applies. After the late deadline, registrations are not accepted, but students may try to test standby on test day.
  • Most multiple-choice scores are available for viewing as early as 2½ weeks after the test date.
  • Score reports are normally released within 3 to 8 weeks after each test date. Score reports for students who took the ACT Plus Writing will be released only after all their scores are available, within 5 to 8 weeks after the test date.

National Test Dates and Deadlines for the current test cycle.

State and District Testing

In states and districts that administer the ACT to all students as part of a contract, the test date(s) will be determined between the state or district and ACT.

Registration for state and district testing is done in the schools. Scores are available 3 to 8 weeks after testing.