Our Story

As with many organizations of long standing, ACT started with a person who had an idea and a desire to make things better. In 1959, University of Iowa education professor E.F. Lindquist launched the forerunner to today's ACT test. By focusing on practical knowledge rather than cognitive reasoning, Lindquist's assessment was groundbreaking and achieved his goals to help students make better decisions for themselves while enabling institutions to improve student success.

Over the years, the nation's view of education has evolved to embrace lifelong learning, both in school and in the workplace. ACT's programs and services reflect this, helping people plan for and assess learning and training throughout their lives. As a result, ACT has played an increasingly important role in the nation's educational enterprise, contributing to and supporting the nation's educational vision.

Today, more than 50 years after our first test was administered, ACT has grown to be a successful nonprofit organization that offers millions of education and career assessments across the country and around the world.