American Council on Education Recommends College Credit for GAC Program

Students and universities alike can benefit from a recent recommendation to award college credit for Global Assessment Certificate (GAC) program modules.

The American Council on Education’s (ACE) College Credit Recommendation Service found 13 GAC program modules to be equivalent to associate degree-level subjects at US colleges and universities and has recommended three semester credit hours for each module, up to a total of 39 credit hours. ACE had previously recommended 31 credit hours for GAC modules.

ACT Education Solutions, Limited, operates the GAC program, an internationally recognized university preparation program for students who want to study at universities where classes are taught in English. When students successfully complete the GAC, they can apply to GAC Pathway Universities in the United States and several other countries.

“The ACE credit recommendation is an external and independent endorsement of the quality of the GAC program,” said Gaye Pullyn, general manager of ACT Education Solutions, Limited. “The recommendation of additional modules of the program for transfer credit at the undergraduate level sends a strong message to prospective Pathway Universities that much of the GAC program is at the quality and level of university study.”

The recommendation allows GAC students to gain transfer credits and have fewer subjects to complete in college. They can participate in a transcript service, which offers a lifelong record for those who have successfully completed the GAC modules reviewed for ACE credit. Students can present a nationally recognized transcript to a college or university for the potential award of academic credit.

Pullyn expects ACE’s recommendation to factor into the Pathway Universities’ decisions to accept transfer credit. Oklahoma State University (OSU) is among the Pathway Universities that recognize the ACE credit recommendation.

Tim-Huff“Knowing that the GAC program has been thoroughly reviewed by one of the most reputable higher education associations made us extremely confident in the quality of the GAC program,” said Tim Huff, manager, international students and scholars, OSU.

The amount of transfer credits a Pathway University offers will depend on its courses and policies, said Pullyn. For example, at Lewis-Clark State College (LCSC) in Lewiston, Idaho, GAC graduates can receive up to 36 credits toward their degrees.


Steve-Arnold“In addition to getting credits, most GAC students also qualify for our generous international scholarships based on their GAC results,” said Steve Arnold, director, international programs, LCSC. “We love to admit GAC students because they are very well prepared for study at our college.”


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