New Collaborator Expands ACT Test Access in the United Kingdom

Navitas, an international education organization, is expanding access to the ACT® college readiness assessment in the United Kingdom in response to growing interest among British students to study in the United States and other countries.

Navitas administers the ACT at testing centers in London and is establishing additional centers in other cities throughout the United Kingdom. British students can take the ACT on five international test dates each year.

Title-Page-12_01Record numbers of American universities have been exhibiting at the USA College Day Fair in London.

“We are proud to partner with Navitas to offer greater access to the ACT to help British students prepare for study in the United States and other countries,” said LaMar Bunts, ACT vice president, international programs.

Peter Krikstolaitis, head, Navitas Workforce Solutions-Europe, said, “We are pleased to offer the ACT college entrance exam to the growing number of UK students wishing to advance their education abroad.”

British students have several reasons for wanting to attend universities in other countries, said Lauren Welch, director, advising and marketing, US-UK Fulbright Commission.

“Rising tuition fees and limited places at UK universities in recent years have left many students searching for viable alternatives,” she said.

While British students are interested in studying in many different countries, the United States remains their top choice by far, said Welch. A total of 9,186 UK students pursued undergraduate study at American universities in the 2011–12 academic year, up from 8,947 students (2.7 percent) in the 2010–11 academic year.

According to a Fulbright Commission survey, other reasons British students cite for wanting to study in the United States include:

  • Wider choice of universities that offer undergraduate degrees
  • Opportunity to experience American campus life and learn about a new culture
  • Flexibility to explore academic interests through a liberal arts curriculum
  • Greater access to funding options, including scholarships

Meanwhile, American universities are stepping up their recruitment efforts in the UK. In autumn 2012, a record 165 American universities exhibited at Fulbright’s USA College Day Fair in London, marking an 80 percent increase in universities exhibiting at the annual event over the past three years. Similarly, student attendance at the fair has more than doubled over the past three years.

“American universities are eager to reach British students,” said Welch. “We see representatives from all types of universities, including many newcomers. American universities are staying longer, planning longer recruitment trips, and tacking on school visits around the country.”


Navitas is an Australian global education leader providing pre-university and university programs, English language courses, migrant education and settlement services, creative media education, student recruitment, professional development, and corporate training services to more than 80,000 students across a network of more than 100 colleges and campuses in 27 countries. Navitas has offices in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Africa.


The US–UK Fulbright Commission is a not-for-profit organization funded by both governments to promote educational exchange between the United States and the UK. The Commission offers prestigious awards for postgraduate study and research in the United States, as well as an Advisory Service. As part of the EducationUSA advising network, the Advisory Service is the only official source of United States study information in the UK. Additionally, the US–UK Fulbright Commission has partnered with the Sutton Trust to run a United States program for bright, state school students interested in getting a taste of life at an American university.

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