Benefits for Recruitment

AIM is a powerful database software for customizing and personalizing your recruitment efforts. Users can view data on individual students, view aggregate data for territory management and strategic planning, search for students with shared characteristics, and export and share data.

If your campus is like most, you're using only a fraction of the 265-plus fields of data in the ACT electronic record. You have very limited information on most students in your inquiry pool, which makes it difficult to really personalize and customize recruiting contacts.

The less you know about individual students in your inquiry pool, the more you have to generalize about your institution to those students. When you know what's important to students, what they want, what makes them tick, you can talk about your institution in terms of what's important to the student.

That's why it makes sense to focus on score senders. You know more about them than about any other students in your inquiry pool, you often know it earlier, and scores will generally be your highest yielding initial source code.

Strategic Planning and Territory Management

To facilitate strategic planning and territory management, AIM includes databases that allow you to group and view ACT data at key geographical levels:

Using AIM, admissions recruiters get a valuable overview of students in their territories—their interests, needs, abilities, and enrollment preferences. Then, recruiters can zoom in to the individual student level to get the breadth of cognitive and noncognitive information they need to build relationships and personalize communications with students.

Targeting Your Recruitment Efforts

Recruitment communications and travel are expensive. You want your recruitment efforts to target students with desired characteristics and who are more likely to enroll.

AIM allows you to segment score-sender populations to make the most of your recruitment dollars. With the information available through AIM you can:

  • Plan travel more effectively
  • Customize communication sequences
  • Develop recruitment messages based on student needs and interests

View the Admissions Overview student report in AIM.