Reading Skills Test

The ASSET Reading Skills Test is a 24-item, 25-minute test that measures reading comprehension as a product of skill in referring and reasoning. The test items require students to derive meaning from several tests by (1) referring to what is explicitly stated and determining the meaning of words through context and by (2) reasoning to determine implicit meanings and to draw conclusions, comparisons, and generalizations.

The test consists of three prose passages of about 375 words each that are representative of the level and kinds of writing commonly encountered in college freshman curricula. Passages on topics in prose fiction, business, and the social studies are included. Each passage is accompanied by a set of eight multiple-choice test items.

The approximate proportion of the test devoted to each type of reading item is given below.

Reading Skills Test Item Classification

Classification Proportion of Test Number of Items
Referring .50 12
Reasoning .50 12
Total 1.00 24