Reviewing CAAP Test Booklets

NON-SECURE Sample Booklets

To review non-secure CAAP sample test booklets, please contact ACT by calling 319.337.1576 or sending an email to The non-secure sample CAAP booklets are available in PDF format.

CAAP sample booklets mirror the content and format of "live" CAAP test booklets. These sample materials illustrate CAAP items and the content being tested; sample items show a range of difficulty similar to what examinees will encounter. The only difference in the sample materials is the introductory page, which describes the test, and the answer key information found at the back of the booklet.

If your school prefers to review secure CAAP test booklets, the information below outlines specific procedures.

SECURE Test Booklets

To review secure CAAP test booklets, please refer to the CAAP Request for Inspection of Test Booklets form (PDF; 2 pages).

To maintain the integrity of the CAAP tests, ACT requires that these procedures be followed in preparation for and during examination review sessions. These procedures must be thoroughly read, understood, and accepted by the person responsible for the reviews on campus.

  1. Verify that the inspection copies of the test booklets were received intact. If a booklet is damaged (e.g., torn), immediately contact the ACT national office by telephone: 319/337-1587. After initial inspection, place all test booklets in a locked, secure storage area.
  2. Designate an on-campus site where the booklets are to be reviewed. You are responsible for carrying the booklets from the secure storage place to the review site and returning them to the secure storage area.
  3. Limit the inspection of the tests to those who have a need to see them so that they may judge their adequacy for use at your institution (e.g., departmental chairperson, faculty committee members).
  4. Before allowing anyone to review the tests, fill in the name of your institution, check the names of the tests, and write your name, title, and department on the form entitled "Persons with Access to the CAAP Tests."
  5. Have each reviewer sign and indicate his or her title and department on the "Persons with Access" form.
  6. Do not permit anyone to reproduce any part of the test booklets.
  7. Do not permit anyone to take notes on the content of the tests.
  8. If more than one review session is held, return the booklets to a secure storage place after each session.
  9. Return the examination booklets to ACT within one calendar week after you receive them. The booklets and the "Persons with Access" form must be returned to ACT by UPS or some other traceable means.