Writing Skills Sample Passage and Items

In the end, everyone gives up jogging. Some find that their strenuous efforts to earn a living drains (1) away their energy. 1. A. NO CHANGE
B. drain
C. has drained
D. is draining
Others suffering from (2) defeat by the hazards of the course, from hard pavement to muddy tracks, and from smog to sleet and snow. 2. A. NO CHANGE
B. suffered
C. suffer
D. suffering with
These can also (3) collapse in their sneakers. 3. A. NO CHANGE
B. Still others
C. They can also
D. They also can
My experience having been different (4), however; I had a revelation. 4. A. NO CHANGE
B. being different,
C. was a difference,
D. was different,
It happened two summers ago at Lake Tom. I had been accustomed to running every day, but that week I decided to be lazy. I sailed, basked in the sun, and ate wonderfully: the best meals I've ever eaten (5). 5. Which of the following would most specifically illustrate the point that the writer ate wonderfully?

B. nutritious and healthful meals.
C. lobster, steak, and baked potatoes.
D. breakfast, lunch and dinner.
By the fourth day I had to face the truth: my body was slowly changing to becoming (6) dough. 6. A. NO CHANGE
B. become
C. being
D. OMIT the underlined portion.
So I tied on my running shoes and loped out to the main road in search of a five-mile route. Out of curiosity, I turned onto Lookout Hill Road (7) and soon discovered how the road had come by its name. 7. A. NO CHANGE
B. Out of curiosity, Lookout Hill Road was turned onto
C. Having become curious, Lookout Hill Road was the route I turned onto
D. Curious, a turning into Lookout Hill Road was what I did,
I was chugging up one of the longest, steepest (8) inclines in the region. Perched at the top was a ramshackle house, and only a desire to get a closer look kept me going. 8. A. NO CHANGE
B. longest, steepest,
C. longest steepest,
D. longest and steepest,
I was exhausted when I reached the crest of the hill. There I found a native New Englander rocking on the front porch of the house, which was painted (9). "Mister," I panted, "you sure live on a big hill!" 9. A. NO CHANGE
B. house (painted).
C. house, and it was painted.
D. house.
He studied me closely for a moment and then responded, "Yep, and I've got the good sense not to run up it." That night I tied the laces of my running shoes around a rock and dropped them in Lake Tom (10). 10. Which of the following sentences would provide the conclusion that best supports the point made in the first paragraph that the writer gave up jogging because of a revelation?

B. I realized that the New Englander was, indeed, correct, and walked back down the hill.
C. After that, I sat down on the porch and we talked for more than an hour.
D. Jogging may be good for you, but it's also tiring—especially if you jog up hills!


1. B.  2. C. 3. B. 4. D. 5. C.
6. D. 7. A. 8. A. 9. D. 10. A.