Mathematics Test

The CAAP Mathematics Test is a 35-item, 40-minute test designed to measure students' proficiency in mathematical reasoning. The test assesses students' proficiency in solving mathematical problems encountered in many postsecondary curricula. It emphasizes quantitative reasoning rather than the memorization of formulas.

The content areas tested include prealgebra; elementary, intermediate, and advanced algebra; coordinate geometry; and trigonometry. Descriptions of the content areas and the approximate proportions of items in each are provided below.

  • Prealgebra. Items in this category involve operations with whole numbers, decimals, and fractions; order concepts; percentages; averages; exponents; scientific notation; and similar concepts.
  • Elementary Algebra. Items in this category involve basic operations with polynomials, setting up equations, and substituting values into algebraic expressions. They may also require the solution of linear equations in one variable and other related topics.
  • Intermediate Algebra. Items in this category assess students' understanding of exponents, rational expressions, and systems of linear equations. Other concepts such as the quadratic formula and absolute value inequalities may also be tested.
  • Coordinate Geometry. Knowledge and skills assessed in this category may include graphing in the standard coordinate plane or the real number line, graphing conics, linear equations in two variables, graphing systems of equations, and similar types of skills.
  • College Algebra. Items in this category are based on advanced algebra concepts including rational exponents, exponential and logarithmic functions, complex numbers, matrices, inverses of functions, and domains and ranges.
  • trigonometry. Items in this category include concepts such as right triangle trigonometry, graphs of trigonometric functions, basic trigonometric identities, and trigonometric equations and inequalities.

Three scores are reported for the CAAP Mathematics Test:

  1. a total test score based on all 35 items
  2. a subscore in Basic Algebra based on 17 items
  3. a subscore in College Algebra based on the remaining 18 items

The Basic Algebra subscore is composed of test questions from the prealgebra, elementary algebra, intermediate algebra, and coordinate geometry content areas. The College Algebra subscore is composed of test questions from the College Algebra and trigonometry content areas.

Content Specifications Summary for the CAAP Mathematics Test

Content Category Proportion of Test Number of Items
Basic Algebra .49 17
Prealgebra .09–.14 3–5
Elementary Algebra .09–.14 3–5
Intermediate Algebra .09–.11 3–4
Coordinate Geometry .14–.18 5–6
College Algebra .51 18
College Algebra .40 14
trigonometry .11 4
Total 1.00 35