10 Steps for Building Your State's National Career Readiness Certificate Program

  1. Take ownership and make the program a priority
  2. Determine economic strategies
  3. Get endorsement for the program at the highest state levels, including the Governor’s office
  4. Establish a working group of representatives (Board of Regents, Department of Education, Department of Labor, Department of Social Services, Department of Civil Service, Community and Technical Colleges, Workforce Commissions, Department of Corrections, etc.)
  5. Determine skill levels required for individuals to achieve certificates verifying their workforce competencies
  6. Enlist support from agencies that will assess individuals, provide training, and promote use of certificates by businesses
  7. Develop a system to maintain records for individuals who have obtained or are seeking certificates
  8. Train partner agencies about the meaning of the certificates so they can communicate this information to individuals and businesses
  9. Publicize the program to engage the support of businesses and the public
  10. Make sure partner agencies are using the certificates and that businesses are requesting certificates when hiring