Creating a New Account

Step 1.

Go to the login screen and click on "Create a New Account" (Show me)

Step 2.

Complete Required Information (Show me)

Step 3.

After the form is completed, a registration confirmation screen will appear (Show me)

Step 4.

Once you've used the activation link, you can log in (Show me)

Step 5.

You may now view your account homepage (Show me)

Step 6.

Update Match Criteria (if applicable) (Show me)

Ordering and Sharing The Certificate

Step 7.

Create your Certificate (Show me)

Step 8.

Share your Certificate electronically (Show me)
Please Note: ACT does not release any information until you have authorized it. Employers will not be able to verify your Certificate details until you have shared your Certificate.

Step 9.

Order a paper Certificate (Show me)

You can download a print version of this guide (PDF; 9 pages, 686KB) to refer to later.

Congratulations on earning a National Career Readiness Certificate!

If you have any questions, please call 800/WORKKEY (967-5539).

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