Workforce Development

Workforce Development

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The National Career Readiness System Benefits Economic Development Efforts

Establishing strategies that create jobs and raise wage rates is the primary mission of economic development. Information generated by adopting the National Career Readiness System helps states and regions fulfill this mission by:

  • Documenting workforce quality for relocating and expanding businesses.
  • Providing local businesses with a better-trained workforce.
  • Helping employers plan and address existing and future employment needs.

The availability of skilled labor is becoming a major factor that helps business executives and economic development consultants identify the best locations for expansion and relocation.

Information generated by the National Career Readiness Certificate represents a unique source of objective data describing workforce skills. This makes it a powerful component in strategic planning and marketing activities at the state, regional, or local levels.

Andy Levin, Michigan's chief workforce officer, describes the history of how Michigan approached statewide adoption of the National Career Readiness Certificate.