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There are hundreds of locations licensed to provide WorkKeys® assessment services throughout the United States.

Test-taking Tips

Tips for taking the WorkKeys tests.

Ordering and Reporting Certificates

Information on reporting and management of The Certificate.

Search Jobs by Skill

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Browse the WorkKeys Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, and Reading for Information scores required for more than 400 different jobs.

How is The Certificate being used in schools?

Educators can use the skill levels required by the National Career Readiness Certificate as benchmarks in communicating with economic developers and businesses—to help prepare students for the workplace.

Because WorkKeys is tied to specific training and curriculum for skill improvement, educators can offer programs for individuals wishing to improve their skills and enhance job opportunities.

WorkKeys provides a common language for employers, schools, and students.

WorkKeys helps students:

  • Compare their WorkKeys skill levels to the skill levels required for the jobs they want.
  • Submit their WorkKeys scores to specific companies to target job search efforts.
  • Demonstrate to others (employers, educators, instructors, and counselors) their transferable employability skill levels.
  • Use information from skill reports and job profiles to identify areas in which they need further training.

Patrick Hayes, founder and chairman of the board, Fabric Images, Inc. has a message for parents about the National Career Readiness Certificate.