Wanted: Applicants with Certified Workplace Skills

Employers across the country report that they are often overwhelmed by stacks of applications for only a handful of open positions. Sifting through these applications is time-consuming and inefficient. You need a way to quickly pinpoint individuals with essential, verifiable workplace skills. The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) is your solution.

Certify Your Workforce

Ask your applicants to earn the NCRC. It’s that simple. Once you do, you’ll be on your way to finding qualified applicants for your job openings. The National Career Readiness Certificate, issued by ACT, is a portable, evidence-based credential that certifies essential skills needed for workplace success.

Measure Personal Strengths with NCRC Plus

Foundational knowledge and skills related to job tasks are the most valid predictors of work performance. Combining measures of cognitive skills with measures of work-related behaviors—or soft skills—brings even greater accuracy to predictions about an individual’s success at work or in training.

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Resources for Employers

National Career Readiness Certificate Employer Handbook (PDF; 34 pages, 777KB)

A resource for implementing The Certificate at your company.

Verify The Certificate

Enter the individual's Certificate ID to verify an individual's National Career Readiness Certificate details.

Find a Test Center

There are hundreds of locations licensed to provide WorkKeys® assessment services throughout the United States.

Search Jobs by Skill

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Browse the WorkKeys Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, and Reading for Information scores required for more than 400 different jobs.

Get Started

Submit the National Career Readiness Certificate Letter of Commitment (LOC) (PDF; 1 page, 37KB) to the National CRC Advocates to be listed as an employer who supports the National Career Readiness Certificate.

See the growing list of employers recommending The Certificate at the National CRC Advocates website.

The National CRC Advocates is an independent organization dedicated to improving employer talent systems, and public systems that serve employers, through broader adoption of the National Career Readiness Certificate and related competency-based credentials and skill assessments. ACT provides guidance and support for this organization but is not affiliated with its management and operation.

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Patrick Hayes, founder and chairman of the board at Fabric Images, Inc., talks about spreading the word about the National Career Readiness Certificate to employers in the community.


Employers work to make things predictable, uniform, and certain. Predictability, uniformity, and certainty are universal goals of executives. The NCRC does this for the hiring process. Mac MacIlroy, past president Michigan Manufacturers Association
The National Career Readiness Certificate is an excellent way to assist career and technical educators in preparing the current and future workforce. Developing a skilled workforce—one that has the ability to quickly adapt to new and changing workforce demands—is a primary focus of the career and technical education programs offered through the nation's secondary and postsecondary public schools. Identifying, quantifying, and assessing those skills necessary to prepare the workforce is critical to career and technical education. Jan Bray, former executive director, Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE)
The American Association of Community Colleges is pleased to support ACT's new National Career Readiness Certificate. The Certificate will offer our member colleges a successful common assessment tool and language by which they can assist local constituents with their economic and workforce development needs. Working with more than 500 community colleges over 10 years, ACT has developed a unique set of assessment tools that have been particularly useful in assisting both individuals and employers in career and education/training decision making. The National Career Readiness Certificate adds one more valuable assessment to the existing collection of tools that extends the value of community colleges in advancing the economic and workforce development process of their communities. George Boggs, former president, American Association of Community Colleges