Using the ACT NCRC®

Congratulations on earning the ACT NCRC! Taking the time and effort to earn this credential helps you stand out from the crowd and shows employers you have the foundational skills for the job.

Share your ACT NCRC with employers

As a valuable work skills credential, the ACT NCRC provides employers with evidence of your skills. To use the ACT NCRC is to share your achievement with potential employers. To protect your privacy, however, ACT does not release any information until you have authorized it. In order for employers to verify your ACT NCRC, you must:

  1. Create a account (for help with account creation, see the instructions for Creating a New Account Quick Start Guide)

    NOTE: It is possible a account was pre-created for you. You may have already received a physical certificate or an email that contains the information you need to access your account. For further assistance for accessing your pre-created MyWorkKeys account, see the Accessing Your Pre-Created Account Quick Start Guide.

  2. Make your certificate public.
  3. Place your ACT NCRC achievement details on your resume or job application. It is important to add information about your ACT NCRC on your resume or job application because it enables employers and HR managers to verify that you have earned the certificate and possess the work skills needed for success.

Examples of how to refer to the ACT NCRC on your resume or application

ACT National Career Readiness Certificate
Level: Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze
Issue Date:
Certificate number:

The ACT National Career Readiness Certificate is a portable, research-based credential that certifies essential skills needed for workplace success. This credential is registered with ACT in the ACT National Career Readiness Certificate database and may be verified at

You can also provide an electronic link in a cover letter or email for verification of your ACT NCRC. Employers can then easily click on the URL to see your certificate details. See the instructions for sharing the ACT NCRC electronically in the quick start guides mentioned above.

Order a printed ACT NCRC

If you desire an additional printed copy of your ACT NCRC, access your account at and select “Order Certificates.”