The College Choice Report is an annual report series that follows an ACT-tested graduating class from high school through their second year of college. The report for the graduating class of 2012 focuses on the relationships between students’ self-reported preferences for college type, location, and distance as well as students’ enrollment, persistence, and transfer at colleges matching these preferences.


Preferences and Prospects (Part 1)

52%The share of 2012 high school graduates who took the ACT® college readiness assessment. More about test taking
7The number of states in which 2012 high school graduates participated in a statewide administration of the ACT during 11th grade. More about time of first testing
24%The percent of ACT-tested students who prefer to attend college out of state. More about college preferences
3The average number of colleges to which students send their ACT scores. More about score sending
82%The share of students whose names are selected by at least one college through ACT’s Educational Opportunity Service (EOS). More about EOS state context

Enrollment Patterns (Part 2)

76%The percent of college-enrolled ACT-tested students who attended a 4-year college. More about college enrollment
62%The share of college-enrolled ACT-tested students who enrolled at a postsecondary institution that matches their preferred college type. More about matching college preferences
51The median distance to college (in miles) for college-enrolled ACT-tested students. More about student mobility
24%The percent of college-enrolled ACT-tested students who attended a postsecondary institution that was their first choice at time of ACT registration. More about college choice number
13%The share of college-enrolled ACT-tested students who enrolled at a college that selected them through EOS. More about EOS enrollment

Persistence and Transfer (Part 3)

16%The share of students who dropped out of higher education before their second year of study. More about dropout
13%The percent of persisting students who transferred to another college for their second year of study. More about transfer
1 out of 3The share of transfer students who transferred away from their private 4-year college preference. More about student flow by college preferences
50%The percent of delayed-entry students who attended a 2-year college. More about delayed-entry students

Part 1: Preferences and Prospects

The self-reported college preferences and ACT Educational Opportunity Service (EOS) participation rates of the ACT-tested high school graduating class of 2012

Part 2: Enrollment Patterns

Revisits the class of 2012 during their first year of college to examine whether students’ college enrollment choices matched their self-reported college preferences

Part 3: Persistence and Transfer

Revisits the class of 2012 during their second year of college to report on student persistence within postsecondary education and to examine the relationships between their self-reported college preferences and their transfer patterns

Interactive charts and maps

An interactive version of the College Choice Report that provides visual comparisons of state- and region-aggregated information about the self-reported college preferences, enrollment patterns, and persistence and transfer rates of ACT-tested students

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