About the Report

How to Use This Report

This report builds on a foundation of knowledge about the academic readiness of the ACT-tested high school graduating class of 2013 as presented in The Condition of College & Career Readiness. An important conclusion of the Condition report is that far too many high school graduates are not prepared for success in college and career as defined by their attainment of the ACT College Readiness Benchmarks. We encourage you to read through the Condition report to have a better context for interpreting the findings of this report.

More than half (54%) of the graduating class of 2013 took the ACT during high school. Whether you are searching for prospective students locally or in other parts of the country, a better understanding of the preferences and college choice behaviors of ACT-tested students can improve your marketing and recruitment strategies. The information presented in this report and in the accompanying online charts and maps can provide insights to inform discussions on your campus about the desired characteristics and locations of prospective students and your strategies for recruiting them. For those colleges that participate in the Educational Opportunity Service (EOS), the information provided in this report can help you to establish or refine your selection criteria to create more efficient student searches. Over time, this report can also serve as a guide to help you gauge the effectiveness of your search, marketing, and recruitment strategies.


Unless otherwise noted, all information in this report comes from the ACT-tested high school graduating class of 2013. Information in this report—such as the students’ background characteristics, grade level at time of testing, ACT scores, planned major, and participation in EOS—is collected when students register for and take the ACT.