Comprehensive Reporting

ACT Compass® enables you to generate reports that meet the needs of your students, advisors, faculty and institutional researchers:

  • Standard Individual Report, also known as the Student Advising Report, is the report students receive immediately upon completion of testing. You can customize Standard Individual Reports to reflect your institution's cutoff scores, course placement messages, and support services messages that direct students to the campus resources they may need to achieve academic success.
  • Student Demographics allows institutions to capture demographic information on their students that academic advisors find helpful.
  • Reporting Options allows test administration personnel to generate standard individual reports, customized list reports, placement summary reports, and mailing labels in accordance with their own requirements.
  • Research Reports help institutions identify significant patterns for recruitment and retention and evaluate the effectiveness of their programs.
  • Tutorial—How to Generate Reports Using ACT Compass

Each report can be run for the entire group of tested students or for a subgroup with particular characteristics (e.g., age, program, test performance) through the use of search capabilities built into the program.

Reports can be printed, displayed on the computer screen, or sent to a disk for storage or transfer to another computer system.