Grammar/Usage Sample Questions—Level 3

Item Types: (1) Punctuation; (2) Two-word and phrasal verbs; (3) Modal verbs

TEACHER: In addition to your textbooks, there are a couple of other materials you need to buy for this course. Because you will be writing weekly (1) _______________ I want you to have a notebook that you can (2) _______________ to me every Friday. Make sure that the size is 8 1/2 by 11, not a smaller one. You also need a set of index cards. You will be taking notes on books that you will read, and you will write your notes on these cards. One set (3) _______________. Any questions?

empty box A. journals;
checked box B. journals,
empty box C. journals
empty box D. journals.

empty box A. turn up
empty box B. turn on
empty box C. turn down
checked box D. turn in

checked box A. should be enough
empty box B. should have been enough
empty box C. should enough
empty box D. should been enough