Grammar/Usage Sample Questions—Level 4

Item Types: (1) Passive voice verbs; (2) Punctuation conventions: parentheticals; (3 Conjunctions; (4) Noun clauses; (5) Noun clauses

The lion (1) _______________ the "king of beasts," but in fact, this king doesn't do much to deserve the title. Lions live in groups; each group, or "pride," of lions consists of one dominant male and several females and their offspring. However, all the (2) _______________ is done by the lionesses, the females. Males spend their time (3) _______________ what they have killed. Occasionally, males may have to scare off possible threats to the group, but for no more effort than this, they get to eat first, and to eat until they are full. Male lions are also guilty of what (4) _______________ not very kingly behavior. When a new male takes over the pride, he will usually kill all the cubs of the male that formerly led the pride. This ensures that only his own offspring will survive. This may seem brutal, but it is how (5) _______________. Perhaps we might want to reconsider calling the lion the "king of beasts."

empty box A. is often been calling
empty box B. has often called
empty box C. is often been called
checked box D. has often been called

checked box A. work—the stalking, chasing, and killing of prey—
empty box B. work—the stalking, chasing, and killing of prey:
empty box C. work;—the stalking, chasing, and killing of prey;
empty box D. work:—the stalking, chasing, and killing of prey

checked box A. either sleeping while the females hunt or eating
empty box B. sleeping while either the females hunting or eat
empty box C. either sleeping while the females hunt or eat
empty box D. sleeping while the females either hunt or eating

empty box A. would we probably call
checked box B. we would probably call
empty box C. we would probably call it
empty box D. would we probably called

empty box A. nature does working
empty box B. is nature working
checked box C. nature works
empty box D. does nature work