David Kuntz

"Each student has different needs and skills. Adaptive learning can help teachers understand these differences, and put true mastery within reach."

—David Kuntz
Principal Adviser to the CEO for Adaptive Learning

As Principal Adviser to the CEO for Adaptive Learning, David is working on the design of a large-scale, cloud-based adaptive learning platform for ACT, and on the strategy for ACT’s adaptive learning initiatives.

An adaptive learning system uses data generated by students’ interactions to understand both the students and the learning content, and identifies what content is most likely to help each student, moment-by-moment.

"Adaptive learning is a data-driven way to help teachers understand student differences," says Kuntz, "and provides teachers with student-specific resources to better support each student's mastery of learning objectives."

Before joining ACT, David was chief research officer at Knewton. He has been awarded five patents, with a sixth pending. His patents have related to data-driven test assembly, performance scoring, and reporting.

David earned his executive master’s degree in Technology Management from the Wharton School of Management at the University of Pennsylvania, and earned a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree, both in Philosophy, from Rutgers University and Brown University, respectively.