ACT Engage Press Kit

About ACT Engage

ACT® Engage® is a social-emotional learning skills assessment program used by colleges, teachers, and individual students and parents. It is designed to measure attitudes and behaviors that impact student success. Introduced in 2011, ACT Engage assesses motivation, social engagement, and self-regulation, helping evaluate students' self-reported psychosocial attributes, determine their levels of academic risk, and identify interventions to help them succeed.


ACT Engage assessments are offered to students at the postsecondary level. ACT Engage is also available in a teacher edition and for individual students and parents (can be administered outside of a school/group setting).

ACT Engage helps users:

  • Identify students with personal challenges that go unreported in standardized academic tests
  • Improve graduation rates and directly reach students whose personal challenges may hinder academic success
  • Evaluate a student’s self-reported psychosocial attributes
  • Define a student’s levels of academic risk
  • Use suggested interventions to help students improve academic achievement


What's Tested

ACT Engage measures the following social-emotional learning skills that may impact student success:

  • Academic discipline
  • General determination
  • Goal striving
  • Commitment to college
  • Communication skills
  • Study skills
  • Social activity
  • Social connection
  • Academic self-confidence
  • Steadiness

Intended Users

ACT Engage is taken by college students. The results are used to help colleges identify and address behavioral and attitudinal hurdles that might stand in the way of a student’s success.

Additional Facts

ACT Engage College offers a powerful, cost-effective way for colleges to identify students who are most likely to have academic difficulties or even drop out of school during their first year. By providing early interventions for these students—focusing on study skills, social activity, academic self-confidence, or other areas measured by the assessment—colleges offer them the greatest chance to succeed.


ACT Engage also can estimate how likely first-year students are to return for a second year and whether they will earn at least a 2.0 GPA.


ACT Engage is easy for colleges to administer and requires minimal advance planning. In just 30 minutes, without the pressure of a high-stakes assessment, students answer 108 simple questions about themselves online and colleges get immediate results to begin developing an intervention plan. You get actionable insights to help students persist and achieve academic success.


ACT Engage College Domains and Scale Overview (PDF)

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