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Tools and Resources

It isn't always easy finding as much time as you'd like to help students plan for what's next after high school. 

ACT Profile can help.

Free and mobile, ACT Profile provides personalized information to help students as they navigate through life’s key decision points. ACT Profile starts with who students are, allowing them to see the critical aspects of college and career planning that go beyond a test score.

This process of starting with the student helps them:

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Expand their views of opportunities
  • Improve decision making
  • Understand the bigger picture of planning for college or career

After connecting to students, your can see students’ planning summaries and inventory results via their personalized Major Map and Career Map, and you can use this information to begin conversations about the planning process.

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ACT Profile Dashboards

Accessing Student Information

Move beyond the one-on-one view of student information to an aggregate view of a group of students' information and progress with planning activities.

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ACT Major Map

Exploring Majors

The Major Map organizes many popular majors into 13 groups, and the location of each major in a group is based on the interests of college students in that major. After students complete the ACT Profile Interest Inventory, they can see where their results place them on the map.

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ACT Career Map

Discovering Occupations

The Career Map organizes hundreds of occupation into 26 career areas (groups of similar occupations) according to their basic work tasks. By first completing the interest Inventory ACT Profile, students can see where their interests, abilities, and values place them on the map.

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Counselor and Group Dashboards

Use dashboards to see the bigger picture of where a group of students' are in the planning process. Dashboards move beyond the one-to-one view of counselor and student to an aggregate view of an entire student group.

Dashboards also allow you to more easily identify where students are in the planning process, identify potential gaps in students' plans, and work with them to take necessary actions to help ensure success.

You can use dashboards to:

  • Identify students' interest areas
  • Spot potential challenges or gaps in plans
  • Remind students to complete critical tasks
  • Share relevant resources and information

Helping Students Plan for Success

ACT Profile for Counselors, Teachers, and Administrators

We have tools for counselors, teachers, and administrators, too. Use ACT Profile to view aggregate information about where your students are in the planning process. You can also create student groups, track student plans, invite others—including students, colleagues, and parents—to join, and download activities to help with the planning process. 

The ACT Counselor Advisory Panel

Improving College Access for Underserved Learners

The ACT Counselor Advisory Panel aims to help improve college access and increase opportunities for underserved students, including low-income students, ethnic minorities, and first-generation college students. More than 2,000 counselors, educators, and administrators across the United States are working with our team to help us better understand the unique challenges these students and their families face when transitioning from high school to college or career.

Counselor Resources

Getting Started with Counselor Accounts

Activities for students

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Beyond Academics: A Holistic Framework for Enhancing Education and Workplace Success

Ensuring students have the range of skills valued by employers begins in the earliest grades, well before they’re ready for the workplace. This report details a new framework for understanding readiness.

ACT Education and Career Planning 

Developing a holistic way to measure success

Our comprehensive look at test results from students and workers shows that it takes more than
academic abilities for education and workplace success. Skills in four key areas are critical as people move through school and into a career. 

ACT Educational Opportunity Service

  • ACT’s Educational Opportunity Service (EOS) is a FREE service for students. You’ll have an opportunity to opt-in every time you register to take the ACT.
  • Learn about educational, scholarship, career, and financial aid opportunities. It is never too early to start exploring your options.
  • EOS can connect you with over 1,500 colleges, universities, financial aid and scholarship agencies, and organizations that offer educational programs. If you opt in, we will make your information available (name, address, gender, high school, email address, date of birth, year of high school graduation, racial/ethnicity background, intended college major, and occupational choice)* to them so that they can contact you. ACT may also contact you directly.
  • Already participating, but want to opt out of EOS? Fill out this form and we will take care of it for you.