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All ACT QualityCore testing concluded on July 28, 2017.  District and School Test Coordinator access to student and summary reports is still available through December 29, 2017. In addition, access to the Educator Resources will be available until the end of 2017.

Training for ACT QualityCore®

Improve curriculum and interventions to help ensure student success

ACT QualityCore product training events are designed for high school teachers, administrators, and school systems looking to make a smart investment in the professional learning of their staff.

Training highlights:

  • Learn strategies that are immediately useful in the classroom
  • Choose from multiple delivery options, including webinars, workshops, and live-on-site sessions
  • Build stronger curriculum and learn how to use results

Training Workshop: ACT QualityCore Training

This session will provide an overview of the new ACT QualityCore test administration system and help users learn how to:

  • Set up and manage users
  • Upload and maintain student accounts
  • Upload and modify classes
  • Administer ACT QualityCore tests online

Hands-on Training Activities. (PDF) This document walks step-by-step through each role in the ACT QualityCore system and the responsibilities of that role. Use this document to practice using the system in the demonstration site.

The demonstration website supports the creation of a demonstration district with up to 10 demonstration schools that enable District Test Coordinators, School Test Coordinators, Teachers, and Test Administrators to practice the functions required to administer ACT QualityCore tests. The website also enables students to complete a demonstration test to become familiar with the test delivery system. The system generates account information for 25 student accounts for each school as well as these administrative users:

  • Two District Test Coordinators (primary and secondary)
  • Two School Test Coordinators (primary and secondary) for each school
  • One Teacher per school

Other data for the demonstration district (e.g., courses, computer-based and online tests, students requiring accommodations, and students not enrolled in courses) is created to help administrative users learn the system.

Note: The demo system enables you to add additional users as needed. For detailed information on using the ACT QualityCore system, see the appropriate manual:

  • Test Coordinators Manual. This manual is designed for District Test Coordinators and School Test Coordinators to provide detailed instructions on using the online administration system to manage administrative users and students, prepare for paper-based and computer-based testing, and manage ongoing computer-based testing.
  • Test Administration Manual This manual is designed for Teachers and Test Administrators to prepare for and administer computer-based testing. It contains step-by-step instructions to help Teachers and Test Administrators prepare for administering computer-based tests and verbal directions for administering the tests to students.

Important: When practicing CSV uploads please use the following course codes. For the Training Math MCMC course use 980000 and for the Training English MCMC course use 990000. Sample CSV upload files, which can be used to practice uploading student and teacher/class information once updated with the demo site course codes, are provided on the Technology Documentation Page.

Create Demonstration District. Enables you to establish a demonstration district and demonstration accounts for conducting workshops or independent training of administrative users and students.

To create a demonstration district:

  1. Go to the ACT QualityCore Demonstration Website Account Creation page by clicking the Create Demonstration District link above. The Demo Account Creation page is displayed.
  2. Enter the case-sensitive Account Creation Code, DemoQC456.
  3. Select the number of schools to create (i.e., from 1 to 10).
  4. Click the Create District button. The Demo Account Creation Confirmation page is displayed.
  5. Click the Print button at the bottom of the page to print login information for all system users.
  6. After you have printed the account login information, click the Proceed to Demonstration Site button and log in with the appropriate credentials.
  7. Important: Retain the printout of user credentials, as it contains the login credentials for all administrative and student users created for the demonstration district.

Log in to Demonstration Website. Enables you to log in to the demonstration website using credentials you created previously.

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