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ACT Tessera

The next generation solution for comprehensive, reliable Social and Emotional skill assessment.

ACT Tessera - The Next Generation SEL Assessment

ACT is committed to a holistic approach to measuring student readiness for success in college and career, and that is why we are launching ACT Tessera.” – ACT Chief Commercial Officer Suzana Delanghe 

We know you’re committed to focusing on and supporting students’ holistic growth too, which is why we are inviting your school to be among the first to adopt the next generation SEL assessment system, ACT Tessera.

What Makes ACT Tessera Different from ACT Engage?

Watch the demo video to see snapshots of the ACT Tessera assessment, reporting, and how making the switch from ACT Engage to ACT Tessera will benefit your school. 


Can I still order ACT Engage?
Yes, Engage is still available although we encourage our educators to migrate to Tessera.

When is ACT Tessera available to order?
Available now, click here to order.

Where can I sign up for future webinars?
Sign up here for future webinars.

What research is available that supports ACT Tessera?

Speak with an Expert

Get additional details on our special offer for ACT Engage customers and the full benefits of making the move to ACT Tessera. 

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