Beta: ACT Workforce Skills Exchange

Connects employers to job seekers who have earned an ACT WorkKeys score and the National Career Readiness Certificate

Find Pre-Qualified Talent with the Validated Skills and Credentials You Need

What is ACT Workforce Skills Exchange?

Workforce Skills Exchange is a platform that helps employers connect with job seekers who have earned ACT® WorkKeys® scores and the ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate® (ACT WorkKeys NCRC®). The candidates share their validated skillsets and are matched to job requirements posted by the employer. Employers post a job description, identify the skills desired and are matched to the candidates that meet the job requirements. Workforce Skills Exchange provides a level of fit based on the WorkKeys validated skills and allows for filtering by location, education and other attributes.

How Does it Work?

The technology will guide employers through the following simple steps:

  • Create a company profile and add jobs with descriptions and required Workkeys Scores and WorkKeys NCRC levels
  • Search for the pre-qualified candidates with validated skill-sets that match the job requirements.
  • Review every candidate’s complete profile and connect with them via Workforce Skills Exchange or personally.
  • Allow the candidates to apply using their existing applicant tracking system, connected directly to this platform.
  • Hire the candidate for the long term success!

ACT is looking for employers, labor boards, and economic development groups to participate in the beta study. If your organization is interested, let us know by signing up below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are ACT WorkKeys Assessments?
WorkKeys Assessments measure a range of hard and soft skills relevant to any occupation, at any level, across industries.

2. What is a WorkKeys NCRC?
Powered by the WorkKeys assessments, the WorkKeys NCRC® helps individuals prove they possess the skills employers deem essential. It’s a portable credential that helps job seekers and current employees improve their career outcome and succeed in a variety of career pathways.

3. Is it a Job Board?
This is not a job board. Skills Exchange integrates with job boards for individuals applying to jobs or could connect directly with the employer’s applicant tracking system.

4. Would employers be able to connect with job seekers through their personal contact information?
Yes, the platform allows the employers to connect with job seekers either using the internal messaging system or, if available, consented contact information made available for employers to connect with employees directly.

5. Are the candidates listed here actively looking for jobs?
The candidates have the ability to specify if they are actively looking for a job or not. A filter mechanism on the Skills Exchange allows employers to only search for individuals actively seeking employment.

6. How do you validate the level of fit for a Candidate?
Candidates that have WorkKeys scores/WorkKeys NCRC may acknowledge their validated skillset on Skills Exchange. These skillsets can be matched to the skillset specified on the job description. Based on the matching, candidates would be recommended with %age level of fit. 

7. Would it connect to our own applicant tracking system?
While not in the initial release, future phases are expected to include this functionality.

8. Is there any cost or obligation for candidates to be included in this platform?
No. There is no cost involved for candidates.