ACT Online Prep: Alabama

Important Dates

Account access for the 2018 - 2019 cycle provided September 24, 2018 via email.

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Alabama State Department of Education
Phone: 334.694.4817
Fax: 334.694.4981


Test Administration Process Overview

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  1. Orientation - Get oriented with the testing program.
  2. Configuration - Configure testing setup and systems.
  3. Verification -  Verify needs for accommodations and supports.
  4. Interpretation - Interpret score reports and test data.


Get oriented with the testing program.

Information about Online Prep

ACT® Online Prep is an engaging, interactive test prep program developed by the makers of the ACT, using the same research and expertise that has made the ACT the most widely used college entrance exam in the nation. Administrator dashboards let you track students’ progress at an individual or aggregate level, including time spent on the program, performance on the practice questions and test, and areas in which they need more help. Students can access the program online or through a free mobile app at school, home, or on the go, anytime.

Tips for Success


Configure system.

Tips for Success

  • Allowing early access for students will provide the most prep time before test day.
  • Students will have a full year of access after activating their account.


Provide access to students and teachers.

Tips for Success

  • When loading students, we recommend using real email addresses. This will allow the system to send activation emails directly to the students. It also allows for students to use the ‘forgot password’ feature if needed.
  • Use the assignments feature to incorporate ACT Online Prep into classroom instruction.
  • Administering full practice exams will provide more robust reporting. 


Access score data.

Accessing Reports Videos

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Tips for Success

  • Using the 5 Hardest Exam Questions under group reports will help instructors identify material they may want to revisit with their students.