ACT is Adding New Test Dates for
Fall 2020

We’re giving students more opportunities to take the ACT test this fall by adding additional dates to the ones already scheduled! 

Registration opens the last week of July. Mark your calendars!


  • Saturday, September 12 
  • Sunday, September 13 
  • Saturday, September 19 


  • Saturday, October 10
  • Saturday, October 17
  • Saturday, October 24
  • Sunday, October 25 

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Registration Deadline
Photo Due
Test Day
Scores First Available
Registration Deadline
Photo Due
Test Day
Scores First Available

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ACT Academy™ is a free online learning tool and test practice program designed to help you get the best score possible on the ACT test, and well on your way to college and career success. Learn more about ACT Academy.

Your Scores

View and Send Your Score

You can have your ACT scores sent to other colleges and scholarship agencies even after you test.

When is Your Score Ready?

Learn more about when scores are ready, some within two weeks. 

The ACT Test Overview

The ACT contains multiple-choice tests in four areas: English, mathematics, reading and science. ACT's writing test is optional and will not affect your composite score.

The ACT-English-45 Minutes-75 Questions


Your understanding of English, production of writing and knowledge of language skills.

The ACT - Math - 60 Minutes - 60 Questions


The mathematical skills you have typically acquired in courses up to the beginning of grade 12.

The ACT-Reading-35 Minutes-40 Questions


Reading comprehension commonly encountered in first-year college curricula.

The ACT-Science-35 Minutes-40 Questions


The interpretation, analysis, evaluation, reasoning and problem-solving skills required in biology, chemistry, Earth/space sciences and physics.

The ACT-Writing-40 Minutes-1 Prompt


The optional writing section measures writing skills taught in high school English classes and in entry-level college composition courses.

Test Day Checklist

Keep calm and know what to expect on test day. Understand what is expected, acceptable, and prohibited.

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