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State Exemplars

2017 ACT College and Career Readiness Campaign

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Megan Moland

Student Readiness

Lawrence County High School
Moulton, AL

“Being college and career ready means having a willingness to take chances. If you allow yourself to be kept in the box you are accustomed to, you will never learn more than you already know.”

Lafayette High School

College and Career Transition

Lafayette, AL

Shelton State Community College - Mecatronics Program

Career Preparedness

Tuscaloosa, AL

“Shelton State Community College partners with the local community by developing relationships with businesses and industries of West Alabama. Working with these partners, we determine curriculum to bridge current skill gaps or those anticipated in the future. Additionally, we offer entry–level workplace skills training and workplace learning opportunities through apprenticeships and internships within our various technical programs such as the Industrial Mechatronics program which is a partnership with Mercedes Benz U.S. International.”

Phifer Wire Products Inc.

Workplace Success

Tuscaloosa, AL


Valdez High School

College and Career Transition

Valdez, AK

“I am honored to work with an exemplary group of educators at Valdez High School. We prepare our students for college and career and technical education opportunities. We partner with our community for our yearly career fair day. Our partnership with Prince William Sound College in Valdez allows our students to receive dual high school and college credits.”


Moises Guzman

Student Readiness

Trinity High School
Prescott, AZ

Sunnyslope High School

College and Career Transition

Phoenix, AZ


Kristen Trinh

Student Readiness

Southside High School
Fort Smith, AR

“Education never stops, whether it be in a classroom setting or a workplace. College is a way for people to develop the basic fundamental skills learned in high school and to specialize in subject areas for future careers. College is also a way to learn good communication skills and to make connections. Being ready for careers after college comes from taking time to hone these essential skills learned during school. Career readiness is also being able to adapt because more acquired knowledge can lead to new developments in many areas of work.”

Forrest City High School

College and Career Transition

Forrest City, AR

“Forrest City High School has deeply embedded and infused a culture of self-efficacy that promotes the development of College and Career Readiness.  With the belief that every student should have meaningful and engaging opportunities, our school’s mission is aligned with the high expectations and rigor that are vital to ensuring student success in their post- secondary careers.  We will continue to partner with our school and community to promote college and career readiness awareness.”

University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville

Career Preparedness

Batesville, AR

“UACCB partners with business, industry and public schools to offer career and workforce training. Business and industry partnerships allow UACCB to gain insight into skills gaps identified by employers. A strong relationship with area high schools allows UACCB to provide students the knowledge, skills, and attitude that leads to greater employment opportunities and improve lifelong financial gain. These partnerships allow a pipeline of skilled workers to meet needs creating a culture of regional economic prosperity.”

Dassault Falcon Jet

Workplace Success

Little Rock, AR

“The mission of our ambassador program is based on the premise that to remain competitive, we must aggressively manage a continued flow of exceptional talent.  Ensuring adequate visibility of our core value of social responsibility is a priority and encouraging employees to not only develop leadership and communication skills, but also inspire loyalty of our workforce.”

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