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State Exemplars

2017 ACT College and Career Readiness Campaign

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Adrianna Wantt

Student Readiness

Trinity High School
Weaverville, CA

“In this country we are given immense opportunities to better ourselves. Though circumstances may be different for individuals, none are so monumental that they cannot be overcome. Through education we can improve our circumstances with hard work and perseverance. The time and effort we put towards our education directly correlates with the success of our achievements. The benefits of education have a positive impact on ourselves, our families and our communities.”

Middle College High School

College and Career Transition

San Bernardino, CA

“MCHS, located in the 2nd poorest city in the nation, specializes in closing the achievement gap for previously under-performing, under-represented, and under-challenged students by providing dual enrollment grades 9-12, with the vision of every student graduating from a 4-year college of choice in preparation for chosen careers.”

Los Angeles Southwest College

Career Preparedness

Los Angeles, CA

“The core values that inform our strategies and determine our actions are Alignment of high-quality CTE programs with 21st-century skills, Collaboration among secondary and postsecondary institutions, employers, and industry partners, Accountability for improving academic outcomes and building technical and employability skills in CTE programs with targeted recruiting, curriculum and program development, and Innovation that attracts, prepares, and educates students for new pathways in the global economy.”


Jennika Chapman

Student Readiness

Jefferson Academy High School
Bloomfield, CO

“Non-cognitive skills are essential to making individuals well-rounded. Without these skills individuals do not have the capacity to achieve greatness. Excellence is not achieved through mediocrity. In order to surpass mediocrity an individual must have the combination of character, intelligence, and motivation. Without such skills an individual may not have the capability to overcome the obstacles on the path to success.”

York International

College and Career Transition

Thornton, CO

“College and career readiness is OPPORTUNITY, HOPE and the REALIZATION OF DREAMS for young people to transition through life with a greater understanding of themselves and the world.  With 21st century skills, they can not only meet their life goals but change their communities and improve our world.”


Jackson Walker

Student Readiness

Wilton High School
Wilton, CT

“Students get so caught up in the routine of grades, school and college that we forget to pay attention to anything other than math or history. In the classroom we learn how to take the derivative of a function. However, the learning that takes place outside of the classroom teaches us how to function beyond the confines of high school; Preparation for the professional world and beyond ultimately lasts longer than the battle of Antietam.”

East Lyme High School

College and Career Transition

East Lyme, CT

“All students benefit from a caring and dedicated staff committed to ensuring that all students can learn and achieve.  Students are individuals that can succeed in many ways both as individuals and as a community, and the staff makes sure all voices are heard and all dreams are cultivated.  Students are assisted in helping to make their post-secondary choices through a diversified curriculum and a comprehensive support system. Supported students gain self-awareness and the eagerness to pursue passions beyond high school, making them prepared for future school and career paths. Engagement of all staff and a variety of practices foster the social and emotional well-being of its student population so that all students reach success in high school and after graduation.”

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