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State Exemplars

2017 ACT College and Career Readiness Campaign

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Son Phan

Student Readiness

Maui High School
Kahului, HI

“In the next four years, I hope that college will expand my knowledge of the world so that I can form my life's true aspirations. This isn’t because I have reservations regarding my current hopes, but because I understand that our dreams are shaped by our reality, and that broadening my horizons will allow me to make my dream all the more possible.”

President Theodore Roosevelt High School

College and Career Transition

Honolulu, HI

“Roosevelt High School has been fortunate to have various community partners to support our vision of "College Ready, Career Ready, World Ready!" Our partners have provided assistance with various opportunities for our students to explore and excel, which will lead them to be successful and contributing Rough Riders in the community after they graduate.”

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