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State Exemplars

2017 ACT College and Career Readiness Campaign

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Kathryn Lemon

Student Readiness

Madison Senior High School
Rexburg, ID

“College and Career readiness means that you are ready to work hard, push yourself, and do whatever it takes to reach the next step of life, allowing yourself to become the very best that you can be. It means you are goal driven, with sights set on the future, and you have the mindset to learn, coupled with the desire to better the world with what you know.”

Sugar-Salem High School

College and Career Transition

Sugar City, ID

“College and career readiness does not start when the student is a junior or senior. We start at 7th grade teaching them about post secondary opportunities, careers, financial literacy, career assessment and taking them on campus visits. The early we intervene, the more likely we are to influence them to go on to get a post secondary education. As seniors, we meet with them and a parent to help encourage FAFSA completion, college application and scholarships.”


Gina Dudek

Student Readiness

John F Kennedy High School
Chicago, IL

“To have college and career readiness requires one who takes advantage of every educational opportunity. This person sees the value in education and how it will open doors for their future. They also understand the need to take their education into their own hands. Because of this, they own a distinct curiosity that compels them to attain higher levels of education. This curiosity will guide them through college and allow them to achieve their dreams.”

Phoenix Military Academy High School

College and Career Transition

Chicago, IL

“The vision of Phoenix Military Academy (PMA) is to develop young people to become better citizens and leaders with extraordinary character and a clear vision for success in post-secondary education at major universities, colleges, and top service academies. By addressing each individual student holistically, the PMA Staff promotes student development in leadership, character, citizenship, service, and academics. The goals of education at PMA focus on the success of each student and preparing leaders, scholars, and global citizens.”


William Ramos

Student Readiness

Whiting High School
Whiting, IN

“College readiness is more than just about getting the grades and requirements necessary to get accepted into a college or university. It is about being prepared to take on a new set of challenges that will push you. In order for you to be prepared, you have to have the motivation and desire to succeed and act on that desire.”

Jeffersonville High School

College and Career Transition

Jeffersonville, IN

“PRIDE is our motto and it is infused into all aspects of our school culture. Persistence, Responsibility, Initiative, Dependability, and Efficiency guide our Academics, Behaviors, and Preparedness for the future. We have partnered with our business community leaders to infuse relevancy and career connections into classes. Our mission is that all students graduate prepared for a post-secondary opportunity which includes college, military, or the workplace. Last year, 98% of graduates accomplished this CCR goal.”

Indiana Wesleyan University

Career Preparedness

Marion, IN

“In order to help students be college and career ready, they need to begin by understanding themselves well. Students also need to understand others and how to work on a team. We know that employers seek the soft skills (communication, critical thinking, creativity, and emotional intelligence). Students must be developed in soft skills as well as present themselves with integrity and professionalism to be workplace ready.”


Grace Tsui

Student Readiness

Dubuque Senior High School
Dubuque, IA

“Education always opens doors. With it, you can pursue anything you are interested in, whether it be mathematics or history or music. However, it may not come easy. There are times when you really don't want to do a homework assignment, or study for a test, or even go out and participate in an extracurricular activity you've committed to. But if you push through, you can turn that knob and walk right in.”

Ankeny Centennial High School

College and Career Transition

Ankeny, IA

“Building a college and career ready culture in our school begins with a vision of every student learning at high levels. Teachers enact the vision through differentiated instruction integrating learning of both academic and behavior standards.  We extend learning beyond the classroom through partnership with Des Moines Area Community College and regularly partner with our business community to engage students in career experiences, through an annual career day and several vocational school clubs.”

Coe College

Career Preparedness

Cedar Rapids, IA

“The Coe College Psychology Internship Program and Center for Creativity and Careers has developed an internship program to promote career success beyond academics by helping students explore Psychology-related careers and develop the applied knowledge necessary for entry into such careers. The program serves as a guide for students to gain a better sense of their vocational abilities, potential areas for professional growth, and career-related interests by engaging in a number of curricular and extra-curricular activities.”

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