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State Exemplars

2017 ACT College and Career Readiness Campaign

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Alycia Martin

Student Readiness

Blue Valley North High School
Overland Park, KS

“The path to college is one that requires a proficiency in more than facts and figures. Being an active member of any community necessitates a willingness to contribute through service, friendships, or leadership, which is something that I have been fortunate to learn in my educational career. In choosing a path that pushes me to explore and problem-solve everyday, I have chosen to pursue learning for the rest of my life, along with all of the struggles and successes that comes with it.”

Hays High School

College and Career Transition

Hays, KS

“As a high school, it is our responsibility to prepare students to succeed in academics that lead to outstanding ACT and other competitive scores, but not exclusively.  We take pride in preparing our students to think outside the box while overcoming real world challenges.  Hays High School is invested in creating opportunities for our students to prepare for jobs that don't yet exist and, therefore, ensuring continued life-long success.”


William McBride

Student Readiness

DuPont Manual High School
Louisville, KY

“To me, college and career readiness means being well-equipped to take on the world. It is essential to be well-rounded, multi-talented and flexible to be successful, and this all starts with the parents teaching their children the social skills and preparing them for the school setting. I am lucky to have two wonderful parents who, in spite of our financial circumstances, have always been there to support and uplift me and my brothers.”

Berea Community High School

College and Career Transition

Berea, KY

“College and Career Readiness can only be demonstrated through an authentic understanding by students of a clear purpose for their own futures. Developing readiness begins with providing guidance and opportunities for students to be proactive and advocate for themselves. Readiness is a combination of academic, work ready and social skills that allow students to choose opportunities at the next level in a manner that ensures success and confidence.”

STOBER Drives, Inc.

Workplace Success

Maysville, KY

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