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State Exemplars

2017 ACT College and Career Readiness Campaign

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Margaret Dickinson

Student Readiness

Brunswick High School
Brunswick, ME

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." –Nelson Mandela


Victoria Matos

Student Readiness

Manchester Valley High School
Manchester, MD

Montgomery Blair High School

College and Career Transition

Silver Spring, MD

“College and Career Readiness means that students graduate equipped with the skills to navigate their chosen path successfully. Our staff sets high expectations and provide meaningful and challenging instruction, allowing each student to achieve at their highest potential.”


Shellaina Gordon

Student Readiness

Fitchburg High School
Fitchburg, MA

“For as long as I can remember our education has been determined by educators. I am finally at this point where I get to determine my next steps. I am prepared to heighten my education and intellect with a college degree. Becoming ready for college has always spawned in the intentions of the student and with a drive, perseverance and curiosity, a student is truly in control of their future.”

Belmont High School

College and Career Transition

Belmont, MA

“College and Career Readiness is what we strive for at Belmont High School. The administration, faculty, and staff focus on the developing sudents academic, social, and emotional development of all of our students. In additional, we have placed a focus on strengthing thier skills in the areas of Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Creativity (4Cs). We believe a committment in these areas best prepares our students for the transition to college and career.”


Brenda Bekins

Student Readiness

Saugatuck Middle High School
Saugatuck, MI

“College and career readiness is instrumental to success both in school and in professional life. I believe this readiness is the culmination of determination and vigor academically, socially, and with extracurriculars. It is also the willingness to embrace, pursue, and value education, community, and a meaningful career. Readiness, above all, isn’t about always being successful, but always being ready to try and having the ability to stick to something that you love, even if it is difficult.”


Eastview Senior High School

College and Career Transition

Apple Valley, MN


Nishiana Heard

Student Readiness

Gulfport High School
Gulfport, MS

“Do today what others won't so tomorrow you can do what others can't.”

Bassfield High School

College and Career Transition

Bassfield, MS

“College and career readiness means providing students with the knowledge and resources for a successful transition to college or the workforce after high school.  By doing this, students will be in control of their education thus maximizing their time in college. Lastly, college and career readiness means providing students with the confidence needed to face upcoming challenges in their desired field of study.”

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

Career Preparedness

Gulfport, MS

“College—whether through academic, career or technical training—should be a gateway to successful and rewarding careers for students. Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College prepares students for those kinds of opportunities through academic rigor, service learning, leadership and team training, and internships offered by our many business, industry and government partners.”

King's Daughter Medical Center

Workplace Success

Brookhaven, MS

“KDMC  partnered with CoLin to help create a workforce that is able to show business and industry their skills and abilities to be exemplary employees that are able to create an energetic, innovative workforce; thus creating a highly engaged group of people at work who are also willing to be involved in their community. This makes Lincoln County a place where new business and industry want to locate to take advantage of the workforce available.”


Jamal Burns

Student Readiness

Gateway STEM
St. Louis, MO

“You are the pebble which is thrown in the lake; your actions, thoughts, and words can change the path of those around you. A college education can be a revitalization of your humanity and a benefit to your community at large. You will become more enlightened, and in turn affect those around you. Knowledge is nothing if you don't share it, college is the avenue of sharing your experiences and the real world is the application of the knowledge you've garnered. So, create ripples in water that is life.”

Maplewood-Richmond Hgts. High School

College and Career Transition

Maplewood, MO

“We are honored to accept the MO College and Career Readiness ACT Award. We purposefully have worked hard to strategically embed ACT readiness standards in our curriculum and ensure all our courses teach literacy skills that prep our students for the world of college and career readiness.”


Emma Clinton

Student Readiness

Red Lodge High School
Red Lodge, MT

“To me, college and career readiness is being mentally prepared and excited to use the skills and knowledge gained in high school to further one's abilities and contribute to the communities one chooses to be a part of.”

Capital High School

College and Career Transition

Helena, MT

“Capital High School, in partnership with parents and community, strives to provide equal opportunity for all students to be engaged in their own learning while preparing them to be College and Career Ready. Students are prepared with knowledge, values, and skills that foster responsible choices in a diverse and changing society. Whether directly pursuing a career or post-secondary education, students are mentally and emotionally prepared with a work ethic in order to be successful in light of the high expectations found in the real world today.”

Boeing Helena

Workplace Success

Helena, MT

“College and career readiness means that a pipeline of "ready now" individuals exist that have the skills and experience necessary to support business needs in today's competitive market environment. This includes both technical ability as well as soft skills such as critical communication and teaming abilities. Partnering with local community colleges and universities is key to ensuring that businesses get exactly the candidates needed to compete in today's high paced global market environment.”

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