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State Exemplars

2017 ACT College and Career Readiness Campaign

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Ana Perez-Villagomez

Student Readiness

South High Magnet School
Omaha, NE

Westside High School

College and Career Transition

Omaha, NE

“At Westside High School, college and career readiness means our students are ready to be successful with the challenges waiting for them after high school. As part of its vision, Westside Community Schools pursues innovative educational ideals and personalizes learning for every student. We invite the challenge of developing a community of learners who embrace a broader, richer definition of success. In the past 4 years, we have increased community partners from 45 to 448.”


Jonathan Sosa

Student Readiness

Las Vegas High School
Las Vegas, NV

“College and career readiness, to me, means wanting to succeed in life and doing your very best to get to where you want to be. It means working your butt off to make sure that you did everything you could to better your present and future self.”

East Career Technical Academy

College and Career Transition

Las Vegas, NV

“East Tech’s annual ACT campaign focuses on three pillars: 1. Purpose: making certain ALL students understand the doors the ACT opens, 2. Practice: providing targeted ACT tutoring support to students three days a week, and 3. Positivity: our annual campaign, “Get Your ACT Together!” provides t-shirts for students to wear on test day, sponsors a post-test barbeque and more. At East Tech, we are dedicated to provide ALL our students with learning opportunities which open doors to a promising future.”

New Hampshire

Simarya Severance-Camp

Student Readiness

Mascoma Valley Regional High School
Canaan, NH

Portsmouth High School

College and Career Transition

Portsmouth, NH

“Portsmouth High School is dedicated to educating the whole child. Preparing students for life after high school means more than just a solid academic foundation. Student’s physical and social-emotional well-being is as important as their academics. We want to make sure students can solve problems, advocate for themselves, and genuinely care about one another and our environment. Portsmouth High School prepares students to be well-rounded contributing members of society.”

New Jersey

Lucia Couto

Student Readiness

Newark Arts High School
Newark, NJ

“College is the experience that can define someone's life. It is where people learn to mature, how to make mistakes, and how to be independent. College is the opportunity to learn more than you know today, and knowing more than what you know the day before is a gift that everyone should experience. Opportunity knocks around at everyone's door, and every so often someone opens the door and takes advantage of what is standing right in front of them.”

Summit Senior High School

College and Career Transition

Summit, NJ

“Summit High School is dedicated to providing its students with a diverse academic, extracurricular, and athletic learning experience. A variety of courses are offered in both college and non-college preparatory subjects. SHS offers over 40 activities that allow students to expand on what they learn in the classroom, including performing arts, community service, and interest-based organizations. SHS also offers 30 varsity sports, many of which have enjoyed success on the conference, county, and state level.”

New Mexico

Julian Garcia

Student Readiness

Los Lunas High School
Los Lunas, NM

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour." —William Blake

Pecos High School

College and Career Transition

Pecos, NM

“The Pecos Schools are ensuring that our high school students are afforded the opportunity to experience college through our dual credit program. We bus our students to local colleges to take part in classes. This prepares them to meet the global challenges that they will face upon graduation. Because of this program, many students graduate from Pecos High School with their diploma along with an Associate’s Degree or program certificate from the community college. We now have more high school educated and college educated members of our community because of this program.”

Process Equipment & Service Company, Inc.

Workplace Success

Farmington, NM

“Education holds the key to our future. By getting the right education, students are able to choose a career that will allow them to succeed in life. Education holds the key to determining quality of life and expanding knowledge and skills. PESCO believes that a healthy community is created by having trained, educated and career-ready employees and that is why we partner with our local schools and community college.”

New York

New Explorations Into Science, Technology, And Math High School

College and Career Transition

New York, NY

North Carolina

Bryan Mejia

Student Readiness

Northern High School
Durham, NC

Greene Early College High School

College and Career Transition

Snow Hill, NC

“The vision of Greene Early College High School is to ensure that every student graduates prepared for college, careers, and life. It is our school’s mission to accomplish this goal through rigorous instruction that is relevant to the lives of our students, while simultaneously establishing positive working relationships that last far beyond the years our students spend with us. This recognition is evidence that we are honoring our commitment.”

North Dakota

Amy Horter

Student Readiness

Grafton High School
Grafton, ND

“The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me." —Ayn Rand

Grafton High School

College and Career Transition

Grafton, ND

“Grafton High School values every student and strives to provide varied, compelling learning opportunities. From the many Dual Credit college courses available to the career-focused classes offered through North Valley Career and Technology Center, exciting options abound.”

North Dakota State College of Science

Career Preparedness

Wahpeton, ND

“NDSCS is committed to ensuring all students are equipped with the necessary knowledge and life skills to succeed in College and beyond. This is accomplished through partnering with local K-12 schools to enable seamless transition to college by providing collaborative education for high-school counselors and NDSCS Faculty. Outreach is also conducted wth prospective students through providing career exploration camps. Additionally, current students are provided robust opportunities to gain necessary skills inside and outside the classroom.”

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