State Champion

2018 ACT College and Career Readiness Champions

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Aversa Prentosito

Student Champion

Winton Woods High School

“College and career readiness not only means being academically ready for what lies ahead, but also being ready to face tough challenges, set high goals, and work hard to achieve those goals. As the saying goes, “It’s the will, not the skill.” No matter how much knowledge or talent you have, you won’t be ready to achieve at the highest level unless you are willing to put in the effort.”

Erin Hibbitt

K-12 Champion

School Counselor
South-Western City Schools, Westland High School

Chris Jones

Workforce Champion

Transition Coordinator
Mid Ohio Educational Service Center

“College and Career Readiness at F.I.R.S.T. School/Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center plays a vital role in our student’s education. Being an alternative school requires us to place even greater emphasis on preparing our student’s for future careers/education. There are so many more opportunities available for our student’s today than in the past. Our continued goal is to inform, guide, and inspire them on the pathway’s that are of greatest interest to them.”


Camry Smith

Student Champion

Tipton High School

“To be college and career ready means to be ready to step out of our comfort zone and explore new areas in which we can excel. The world does not only need smart people, but also people that can adjust to every situation.”

Dakota Thompson

K-12 Champion

School Counselor/ACT Coordinator
Stilwell High School

“Partnering with community stakeholders is vital to education and student achievement. One way we bridge the gap between our school community and the community-at-large is through our ACT Programs at Stilwell High School.”

Melissa Juarez

Postsecondary Champion

Choctaw Nation Success Coach (EOSC)
Eastern Oklahoma State College

“Empowerment and motivation are two keys for success. Students have countless opportunities for achievement, and it is vital to ensure they have the knowledge and understanding necessary to better their lives. Navigating through college and career information can be overwhelming. Teaching students how to research and discover new ideas for themselves not only changes their present circumstances, but also their future.”

Rhonda Mize

Workforce Champion

Employment Services Coordinator/Career Development
Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

“College and career readiness involves equipping our future workforce, both students and adults, with knowledge of career options and tools for effective career decision making. It also involves development of core academic skills which support success in training or college and soft skill development which is key to successful entry into the workforce and to career growth. Effective college and career readiness preparation strategies should include on-going collaborations between education/training institutions and industry.”


Carrington Nguyen

Student Champion

Westview High School

“College and career readiness plays an essential role in how students interpret their future. Specifically, this information provides students with the tools for making an impact in society. As this impact may stem from continuing their education, trade school, or serving our country, it is important to spread the message that each choice is fulfilling. Overall, more emphasis must be placed on providing students with the knowledge to help them pursue their unique future goals.”

Salvatore Cassaro

K-12 Champion

Director of Secondary Programs
Bend LaPine Schools

Adrienne Enriquez

Postsecondary Champion

Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships Specialist
- Oregon GEAR UP
Oregon State University

“I'm excited about all the ways we help students find the best fit for their post-high school experience. That includes ensuring they have both the skills and information to make a good decision to match their academic, financial, and social needs.”

Aurora King

Workforce Champion

Director of Business and Innovation
Rogue Workforce Partnerships

“The Certified Work Ready Communities initiative is a collective effort that showcases the skills and competencies demonstrated by current, future, and transitioning workers. For individuals looking for work and businesses looking for workers, it is a validation tool that takes the guess out of hiring through validating an individual's current skill level. ”

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