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State Exemplars

2017 ACT College and Career Readiness Campaign

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Erik Brown

Student Readiness

Fair Haven Union High School
Fair Haven, VT

“I define College and Career Readiness as being equipped with the skills necessary for a successful life after High school. These skills include academic skills such as critical thinking, writing, and reading comprehension; as well as life skills such as emotional maturity, self-advocacy, and stress management. These powerful tools can be applied to any life path (hence Career AND College Readiness), and allow individuals to meet any and every goal they strive for.”

Bellows Free Academy

College and Career Transition

Fairfax, VT

“Our vision states that "BFA graduates have the knowledge, skills and experiences to make the best choices for themselves, their profession and their community." As a small, rural school we have to be flexible and creative to help prepare our students for their future. We work with everyone from the local hardware store to the workforce investment board to our state colleges and universities to help our students become college and career ready.”


Natalie Balbuena

Student Readiness

Gar-Field Senior High School
Woodbridge, VA

“College and career readiness is not just preparing us for academic changes, but it is also preparing us for changes within ourselves. Being ready for the future does not just mean making a decision on what you wish to be and where you wish to go; In fact, career choices often change. Being ready for the future does mean preparing oneself for the proper mindset to transition into the next chapter of your life.”

TC Williams High School

College and Career Transition

Alexandria, VA

“The ACPS 2020 Strategic Plan goal of Academic Excellence and Educational Equity ensures that ‘Every student will be academically successful and prepared for life, work, and college. The preparation of students for post-secondary life is a fundamental purpose of PK-12 education. ACPS pledges to educate students in an atmosphere of excellence and educational equity, and to ensure that students are challenged to stretch their talents and aspirations. Upon graduation, students will be ready to pursue college, or a career, or independent living. Although educational equity does not mean that all students will have the same experiences or the same results, it does mean that the education provided by ACPS will respond to each student’s individual challenges, interests, and abilities, and that each student will be provided with the tools needed to excel.’”

George Mason University - Early Identification Program

Career Preparedness

Fairfax, VA

“The Early Identification Program at George Mason University truly believes that equipping our students with the skills necessary to compete in a 21st century economy is imperative.  We have to invest in our students, by creating viable pathways to a baccalaureate degree and preparing them to navigate life after high school and college, becoming well rounded professionals who are engaged in their communities.”

Williamsburg Landing, Inc.

Workplace Success

Williamsburg, VA

“Williamsburg Landing’s community connections closely align with ACT’s vision and mission. Senior leadership serves on the Board of Literacy for Life that teaches adult literacy skills, the 21st Century & Career Readiness Advisory Committee, and our Chief Talent Officer is the current Chair of William & Mary’s Cohen Career Center Employer Advisory Board. Active partnerships include Thomas Nelson Community College, the Culinary Institute of Virginia, and Peninsula Worklink, offering services to address workforce needs.”

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