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State Exemplars

2017 ACT College and Career Readiness Campaign

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Samuel Stringer

Student Readiness

Skyview High School
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Science and Math Institute

College and Career Transition

Tacoma, WA

West Virginia

Erin Dodd

Student Readiness

South Charleston High School
Charleston, WV

“To me, college and career readiness means the difference between succeeding and failing in a changing national market. When a student applies his or herself throughout their high school experience, making the best of opportunities and developing the skill-sets necessary for life after high school graduation, they become infinitely more likely to succeed in life and do well.”

Glenville State College - Hidden Promise Scholars Program

Career Preparedness

Glenville, WV

“The Glenville State College Hidden Promise Consortium is dedicated to illuminating the importance of post-secondary education to first-generation and low-to-moderate income students throughout the state of West Virginia. The program provides an array of helpful tools and incentives to both the students and their families. These tools are designed to create opportunity and preserve the promise of future generations through community engagement, peer mentoring, and also by acquainting participating Scholars with the college experience.”


Linnea Dahmen

Student Readiness

Middleton High School
Middleton, WI

“To me, college and career readiness is not only knowing your passion, but finding ways to pursue it. Whether that’s starting a club at your high school or acquiring an internship at a university, it’s valuable experience that will ultimately prepare you for your future career path.”

Memorial High School

College and Career Transition

Madison, WI

“Working in our nation's high schools, we have the privilege of being with our students as they complete their K-12 experience.  It is therefore up to us to do everything we can to help them develop the knowledge and skills they will need to have the highest trajectory as they move on. Our most important work involves developing a true growth mindset, so our students believe in themselves and each other, and so our teachers believe in their own ability to grow to better meet the needs of our students, and have the highest expectations for each and every student.”


Anna Gibson 

Student Readiness

Jackson Hole High School
Jackson, WY

“'College and career readiness' represents the stage of individual development in which a student is prepared for the steps after high school, whether that be higher education or within a career field. To fully embody this preparedness one must demonstrate maturity, dedication, self sufficiency, and time management, among other skills.”

Lovell High School

College and Career Transition

Lovell, WY

“Recently we have rearranged our schedule in order to implement a strategic plan of developing a schoolwide character education program. Each student has a mentor teacher whose role is to be an advocate, as well as a bi-monthly teacher of Character Counts, which is a framework that helps teach responsibility, citizenship, caring, fairness, trustworthiness, and respect. These non-cognitive skills are the pillars of success in life. We want our students to be caring, productive citizens throughout all of their lives.”

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