State Champions

2018 ACT College and Career Readiness Champions

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Estefany Herrera

Student Champion

Wenatchee High School

“Being college and career ready is more than just academic preparation in one’s final years of high school. It is the conscientious choice to push oneself towards dreams, education, and occupational ambitions. It is the process of becoming confident and using academic and goal oriented skills to become competent in one’s chosen area of further education.”

Katherine Playford

K-12 Champion

Ell Teacher
Sedro-Woolley High School

“Many students get to their final year of high school academically prepared for post secondary education, but lacking the knowledge of what to do to actually take that next step. Learning the process is integral in helping students to become more independent so they get to college and stay in college.”

Sebastian Myrick

Postsecondary Champion

Executive Director of TRiO Pre-College Programs
South Seattle Community College

"Attitude is Everything”, we exhort to the students in the Pre-College TRIO programs at South Seattle College. Our talented cadre of teachers, mentors and college access professionals engage students in the hard work of successfully promoting through rigorous secondary and post-secondary course work. At South Seattle College, our motto is 'Start here, go anywhere.' It's a privilege to work alongside students as they develop the habits of self-control, motivation, and perseverance they'll need to succeed in college, a career, and their communities. There's no better feeling than seeing students set and meet goals, take pride in their achievements, and attain a level of socioeconomic stability that creates security for their families and neighborhoods. #TRIOworks"

Washington D.C.

Dr. Ruth T. Logan

K-12 Champion

Founding President/CEO
The Monroe School

"At The Monroe School we are "Educating Today, For Tomorrow's Success" we do this by ensuring our students are given opportunities to receive trainings, develop skills, and provided with resources that prepares them to transition successfully to college, vocational training, or the work world!"

West Virginia

Benjamin Kennet

Student Champion

Montcalm High School

" 'Trust The Process' - Joel Embiid"

Matthew Tolliver

K-12 Champion

School Counselor
Skyview Elementary School

“The Glenville State College Hidden Promise Consortium is dedicated to illuminating the importance of post-secondary education to first-generation and low-to-moderate income students throughout the state of West Virginia. The program provides an array of helpful tools and incentives to both the students and their families. These tools are designed to create opportunity and preserve the promise of future generations through community engagement, peer mentoring, and also by acquainting participating Scholars with the college experience.”


Yuanqi Cai

Student Champion

West High School

“To me, college and career readiness signifies the mastery of a wide array of skills and knowledge. But, more importantly, it requires the ability to learn and adapt quickly. Experiences gained from school, internships, or extracurriculars will help students reach that level of readiness and prepare them for the future.”

Sara Greenwood

K-12 Champion

School Counselor
School District of Mishicot

"College and career readiness programming should consider whole student, developing an educated, well informed, open minded young adult. Through the academic and career planning process students are provided the opportunity to design a high school experience relevant to their career goals rather than one provided to them by default. By partnering to local businesses and post-secondary institutions students are able to leave our school with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful."

Karen Nichols

Workforce Champion

Executive Director
Chamber of Manitowoc County

"I am extremely proud of the work we do with our Partners in Education. Using a collaborative approach we are able to expose so many high school students to the fabulous careers that are available right here in our community. The programs offer the students hands on activities that peak their curiosity and support the curriculum being taught in the classroom while ensuring our future workforce have the skills they need to succeed."


Zoe Williams

Student Champion

Pinedale High School

"Go as far as you can see, and when you get there you will see further"

Ryan Olson

K-12 Champion

Burlington Schools

"At Burlington High School, college and career readiness means we are preparing individuals for success in an ever-changing world. Our students look to embrace excellence during their time in school while anticipating future challenges. As part of this vision, Burlington pursues innovative educational ideals, encouraging attitudes, behaviors, and strategies which facilitate success in school and workplace, such as motivation, perseverance, and self-control. We invite the challenge of developing a community of learners who embrace a broad, rich definition of success."

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