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ACT College and Career Readiness Campaign

Recognizing exemplary college and career readiness efforts

Individuals and Institutions Doing More with Less

Honoring Those Who Make a Difference

Preparing individuals for college and career success is no small task—and it’s never been more important. This is why ACT is recognizing individuals and organizations who are making a positive impact on their communities through their efforts to advance college and career readiness.

Established in 2013, the annual ACT College and Career Readiness Campaign celebrates achievement and creates awareness around the goal of college and career readiness for all. The Campaign recognizes exemplary efforts by employers, postsecondary institutions, high schools, and students in participating states. There are top-performing companies, excellent schools, and phenomenal students across the country, and they are all worthy of praise. ACT developed the Campaign to shine a light on the individuals and institutions doing more with less, overcoming personal or community obstacles, and serving as examples to others working to improve the condition of college and career readiness for all.

2017 ACT College and Career Readiness Campaign

The annual ACT College and Career Readiness Campaign identifies, for each participating state, exemplars in each of four categories: students; high schools; postsecondary institutions; and employers. From there, state exemplars move into semifinalist and National Exemplar rounds of review.

This year, four National Exemplars will be recognized and awarded on October 19, 2017 at the ACT Annual Meeting in Iowa City, Iowa. See below for more information about the campaign process and the criteria the selection panel uses to consider nominations.

2017 Campaign Awards

View all award recipients for the 2017 Campaign in each of the following levels:

National Exemplars

National Semifinalists

State Exemplars

2016-2017 National Exemplars

ACT announces National Exemplars in College and Career Readiness Campaign.

2016-2017 Semifinalists

ACT announces National Semifinalists in College and Career Readiness Campaign.

The Campaign Process

Participating states will be accepting applications from identified and nominated candidates until December 31, 2016. State exemplars will be recognized with certificates at an event in their state during the school year, and student state exemplars will receive a $500 nonrenewable scholarship.

The state exemplars will then be considered for National Semifinalist status by an ACT Selection Committee, which will narrow the deserving field into four National Semifinalists per category. All National Semifinalists will receive obelisks from ACT and the nonrenewable scholarships given to student Semifinalists as state exemplars will increase to $1,000.

Finally, a National Selection Committee composed of national education and workforce leaders will choose from the Semifinalists the four National Exemplars, one per category. These National exemplars, along with all state exemplars and semifinalists, will be honored at an ACT recognition event in October 2017. The National Exemplars will receive glass plaques from ACT at the event in Iowa City, to which ACT will cover all travel costs for two attendees per exemplar. The nonrenewable scholarship given to the student National Exemplar will increase to $4,000.

Campaign Information

Learn how the process works from nomination to selection of our National Exemplars.

Exemplar Selection Criteria

Learn more about the criteria the selection panels use to evaluate applicants for the ACT College and Career Readiness Campaign.

ACT State Organizations

ACT State Organizations represents more than 6,100 education and workplace professionals from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.


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