National Exemplars

2017 ACT College and Career Readiness Campaign

This year, all 50 US states and the District of Columbia participated in the ACT College and Career Readiness Campaign, recognizing students, schools, and employers doing exemplary work in preparing individuals for college and career success.

From that outstanding group of state exemplars, one National Exemplar was chosen for each of the four categories featured below.

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Jayne Hanna

National Student Readiness Exemplar

Nuniwarmiut School
Mekoryuk, AK

“Striving for academic success with diligent work ethic is only one variable contributing to college and career readiness. It’s vital to take advantage of every available opportunity–especially the ones that stretch your comfort zone! Taking on leadership roles and trying new things will strengthen your relational skills and help shape your future. Additionally, weaving together cultural heritage and personal values with modern-day education establishes confidence that prepares you well for success after high school.”

Student Readiness

Immokalee High School

National College and Career Transition Exemplar

Immokalee, FL

“Our mission at Immokalee High School is to prepare all students to prosper in a global society. We recognize that, for some, that means preparing for college. For others, it means preparing to be career ready after graduation through one of our career academies. Either way, we want our students to graduate equipped for success.”

College and Career Transition

Early College Academies - Butler Community College

National Career Preparedness Exemplar

Rose Hill, KS

“The goal of Butler’s Early College Academies is to prepare students with an emphasis in both academics and employability in a four semester degree program that trains them and prepares them for their career. Students perform a complete job shadow, have internship opportunities and receive soft skills training in addition to their academic course work so they have their associate’s degrees and are career ready when they graduate from high school.”

Career Preparedness

Martco L.L.C.

National Workplace Success Exemplar

Alexandria, LA

“RoyOMartin is one of the South’s largest independent forestry and wood-products manufacturing companies. As a learning organization, we believe that education is key to workplace success. We support the personal and professional development of our current employees, as well as those seeking to enter the workforce. Through integrating WorkKeys in hiring practices and partnering with local educational institutions for training, RoyOMartin strives to create and enrich jobs that improve the quality of life of our communities’ citizens.”

Workplace Success

How National Exemplars Are Selected

Across the education and workforce continuum, ACT’s campaign recognizes exemplary college and career readiness efforts in four categories:

Student Readiness

A graduating high school senior is chosen for exemplifying dedication and commitment – often against considerable challenges – to preparing themselves in and out of the classroom for success in college and life beyond.

College and Career Readiness

A high school is chosen based on exceptional results and preparation for all students regardless of circumstances or background.

Career Preparedness

A postsecondary institution, college, department, or program earns this distinction for beating the odds in retention, graduation and student success.

Workplace Success

An employer is selected for its notable commitment to advancing education in its community and the success and professional growth of its employees.