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What You Should Do NOW: Prepare for Senior Year

Senior Year—What to Expect 

Get ready for a whole new level of opportunities, future planning … and, yeah, some stress.

It’s an exciting and exhausting time, and you might be tempted to take it easy and leave the tough stuff for next year. But “the senior slide” could cause problems down the road.

But Don’t Worry!

All it takes to prepare yourself for senior year is a little planning—and thinking about life after high school is a great place to start. 

Keep Life After High School Front-and-Center

In avoiding the senior slide, it’s important to remember that senior year is an opportunity to keep learning. The key to that is focus.

Instead of focusing on the end of high school, focus on the beginning of life after high school.

If you’re headed to college or looking to get a job right away, you should know that there are many factors colleges, universities, and businesses consider when making admissions and hiring decisions:

  • High school grade point average
  • Class rank
  • Whether you’ve taken challenging classes (and remained in them for the whole year)
  • College admissions test scores
  • Activities, leadership, and involvement
  • Your college application and essay
  • Your work-ready skills (including “Non-academic skills” - teamwork, motivation, leadership, etc.)

You may have excelled at these factors so far, but don’t be tempted to let your effort slide. Continued effort may be the difference between getting a college acceptance or not. 

3 Goals for Senior Year

As you develop a plan for your last year of high school, all of your tasks should fall under these three goals: 


What you need to do before graduation.


What the best path is for you.

Think Big

 About your life after high school.

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