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What You Should Do NOW: 
Determine if Your ACT Score Will Help You Get Into College

Should You Take the ACT Test Again?

You’ve weighed the advantages and disadvantages and determined which college application deadline you will meet.
Now, it’s time to look at your ACT® test score and determine whether it will help you get accepted into your choice college.

Check your target colleges’ and universities’ score preferences.
Does your score meet their expectations? Could you increase your chances of getting into a certain program if you raised your score?

Are You One Point Away From Thousands of Dollars?

Many scholarships require a minimum ACT® Composite score in order to qualify for consideration.

A single point might make a big difference.

For example, at Indiana University, the difference between one point on the ACT is either a $5,000 or $11,000 scholarship.
At The University of Iowa, one point is the difference between a $34,000 and a $74,000 scholarship.

There have also been cases where students have received full tuition after raising their score by JUST ONE POINT.

As you research colleges, find out what scholarships are available to you. You may be only a point or two away from achieving extra support that could get you through college with less, or even no, debt and more financial freedom.

Understand What Opportunities Your Score Reflects, and Plan Accordingly

Use your scores on previous tests to continue focusing on the areas that need more instruction.
And remember, the further you are in high school, the more prepared you are for the ACT.

Absolutely free, personalized practice for the ACT

Taking the test again? ACT® Academy™ is a free online learning tool and test practice program designed to help you get
the best score possible on the ACT test, and well on your way to college and career success.