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What You Should Do NOW: Prepare for Junior Year

Junior Year: What to Expect

Sophomore year is ending. Junior year is only months away.

You might sense something a little different next year. A sense of excitement —maybe even control—over your future. You may feel the urge to “get serious” about college.

You’ll also likely be trying to balance homework, studying, friends, sports, activities—and with all these challenges, you might get stressed out. 

But Don't Worry!

All it takes to prepare yourself for junior year is a little planning—and prioritizing your classes is a great place to start. 

Prioritize Your Classes: Make Core Courses a High Priority

A “core course” is a foundational subject, like English, mathematics, and science that prepare you for more advanced learning in college and throughout a career.



Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II


Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Social Studies

Other Recommended Courses: Become a Well-Rounded Student

Show colleges that you have a variety of interests, by taking courses such as foreign language, visual and performing arts, computer science, or other similar courses.

Most colleges require a combination of these for admission—although requirements vary from college to college. Be sure to talk with your counselor or look online for specific colleges’ requirements. 

Remember, what you learn in these classes will not only prepare you for your finals and the ACT® test, but also give you the well-rounded knowledge you’ll need later in life. 

FREE Guide: 5 Questions to Ask During Junior Year

Download this guide that asks you five basic questions which help you begin mapping out ways to prepare for junior year and beyond.