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What You Should Do NOW:
Explore Possible Majors

There are many factors that go into choosing a major.

As you consider different college majors available to you, keep these things in mind:

  1. Does the major match what I’m passionate about?
  2. What college courses would I typically take for the major?
  3. What degree types are available to me?
  4. What are the typical jobs available with my planned level of education?
  5. What specialties are within the major?
  6. What high school courses can help me prepare for the major?
  7. What type(s) of schools offer the major?
  8. What are some related majors?

It’s important to pick a major that matches your interests.

Perhaps you think you want to study biology and become a doctor. You declare your major and begin to take the necessary courses. But what happens if you discover that you aren’t interested in the subject matter you must master to perform the job?

There is a connection between what interests you and your chosen major.

Remain in Your Major +

Stay in College =

Complete Your Degree

Remaining in your major means no added stress.

It’s often easier in the long run to complete your degree on time. That can mean no extra student loans or money spent on that extra class, semester, or year!

How to Know if Your Career Interest Matches Your Major

If you’ve taken the ACT® test before, the ACT Interest Inventory is one tool you can use. Located on your score report, you can learn if your interests are similar to those of students who actually chose the major you’re considering.

Otherwise, you can create an account and take the interest inventory here.