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September 2018

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Important Dates:

  • ACT Test Registration Deadline: September 28, 2018 
  • ACT National Test Day: October 27, 2018

5 Ways to Find Your Path in Life

Use these valuable tips to help discover your interests.

It’s never too early to think about your direction in life. Think about what you do well, what you enjoy doing, and how your interests and goals compare those needed in a career.

  • Volunteer for a local nonprofit group or volunteer organization, especially one that looks interesting to you. 
  • Interview adults in your life about their careers and what they like best about them. 
  • Job shadow at a business that sounds interesting to you. 
  • Set up regular meetings with your school counselor to learn more about career options. 
  • Find a mentor, or person you trust with knowledge and experience, who can help you figure out your career

Consider These 10 Questions When Choosing a Major

Choose the college after you choose your major. Use these questions to find your best match.

Choosing a major is one of the first things you should consider when preparing for college… yes, even before you choose the school you want to attend. Understanding your strengths and identifying your career goals should shape the path you take after graduation.

As you start to think about your plans for after high school, consider the following questions.

  • Does the major match my interests? 
  • Does this major prepare me for the career I want to have? 
  • What college courses would I typically take for the major? 
  • What will I learn? 
  • What degree types are available to me? 
  • What are the typical jobs available with my planned level of education? 
  • What specialties are within the major? 
  • What high school courses can help me prepare for the major? 
  • What type(s) of schools offer the major? 
  • What are some related majors?

6 Steps to Success: Preparing for the ACT

Achieve the score you want by preparing months before the ACT test.

There are several things you can do in the months leading up to the ACT test that will help you achieve the score you want.

  • Take challenging classes. The best way to prepare for a college entrance exam is to take challenging courses in high school. The more challenging the class, the more prepared you’ll be for the test. 
  • Take a practice test. Taking a practice ACT test (PDF) allows you to familiarize yourself with the format and types of questions asked. 
  • Schedule study time. Set aside small amounts of time for studying over an extended period. Keep a calendar of your schedule, but make sure to keep it flexible for surprise homework assignments, extracurricular activities, and fun. 
  • Keep a positive attitude. Practice positive thinking. Imagine yourself sitting in the quiet test room and filling in correct answers. 
  • Know yourself and your abilities. Don’t stop progressing in your strong subjects, but be sure to spend time practicing your skills in areas where you can most improve. ACT Academy is a free resource you can use to practice all of your skills at any level. 
  • Consider using ACT test prep materials. ACT’s test prep materials can help you become more familiar with the test format, gain confidence and be ready on test days. Take a look at all of our test prep options to find free online practice tests, helpful study guides, interactive study tools, and more.