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2018 Newsletter Archive

What You Should Do NOW: Develop Non-Academic Skills

Why Non-Academic Skills are Important

Reading, writing, math, science—you’ll need those skills for your next steps after high school.

But what about motivation, persistence, and empathy? Believe it or not, those are just as – if not more – important in making sure you’re successful in college and your career.

Two separate studies done by Google show “soft skills” –behaviors and attitudes that affect job performance – being the most important qualities it looks for in their employees.

As the expected skills the workforce needs continues to change, and change rapidly, having strong, foundational academic and soft skills will make you a more competitive job candidate anywhere.

The Skills You Need to be Ready for College and Career

Employability skills needed to perform virtually any job, according to ACT research:

  • READING (for information in manuals, instructions, etc.)
  • MATH (and applying it to work tasks, such as measurement)
  • GRAPHIC LITERACY (in workplace graphics, such as charts and graphs)
  • APPLIED TECHNOLOGY (working with machines and equipment)
  • TEAMWORK (understanding and performing your role within a team)
  • WRITING (clear and error-free composition)
  • LISTENING (following and understanding workplace processes)
  • OBSERVATION (processes, demonstrations, etc.)

Check your current strengths and how they impact these skills.

Take this 30 minute assessment online now. It works like a survey or a quiz to determine attitudes and behaviors that will help you succeed. Your scores provide information that can help you develop your personal and academic-related skills to keep you on the right track for your future.

In just 30 minutes, you'll know which skills need improvements and receive suggestions about how you can improve them.