Pre-ID Student Identification Labels

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Pre-ID Student Identification Labels for the 2015–2016 Testing Year

ACT Explore and ACT Plan are no longer commercially available for purchase. ACT will support ACT Explore and ACT Plan after June 2014 only where pre-existing contractual obligations necessitate it. If your school or district is testing under a special contract, you may utilize ACT’s Pre-ID services.

Use of Pre-ID labels improves accuracy of student demographics and reduces administration time. This service is available free of charge. Labels will be produced from a file your district or school provides to ACT. Printed Pre-ID labels will be mailed in a separate shipment from the test materials.

ACT staff will perform the data cleansing (validation) process according to the rules defined in the "File Layout" tab. Please review this information.

If you have any questions regarding ACT rules for validation, please contact ACT Customer Services at the number listed below.

Getting Started:

For ACT Explore®:

For ACT Plan®:

Included in the Instructions tab of the workbook are detailed instructions to complete the form and email the encrypted Pre-ID file to ACT.

CSV Option

Customers who would like to use a CSV file format will need to provide ACT the CSV Order form and a CSV Student File through a secure connection for each student file and school.

The CSV file template contains all required headings needed for ACT to accurately produce Pre-ID labels. The order of the headings may be changed but the format and spelling may not. The student content provided under each heading is subject to the rules outlined in the CSV Student Data Layout.

CSV users will need to use the secure file transfer tool Partner Connect. This allows for a secure connection to ACT. Customers will need to contact ACT to initiate this process.

For ACT Explore:

For ACT Plan:

To contact ACT, please call Customer Services at 877.789.2925. Press 2 for College and Career Readiness and then press 3 for assistance with your Pre-ID file.

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