Ordering Sample Tests

We encourage educators to share ACT Explore® or ACT Plan® sample tests with their students. Providing students with a sample test allows them to simulate the experience of taking an exam. With practice, students will better understand how test questions are presented, how to decide between answers on a multiple-choice question, and how to create a constructed response. If you administer a sample test in a timed session, students will also learn how to manage their time.

Important Reminder: We caution educators to only use the sample tests for their intended purpose—practice. ACT Explore and ACT Plan sample tests are not secure assessments and access to the test items is not strictly controlled. As a result, potential wide item exposure may reduce the utility of the tests to measure individual students’ skills, identify needed interventions, or assess the collective skill levels of groups of students. ACT strongly discourages the use of scores from these sample tests for purposes other than providing students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with test formats and the testing experience.

If you have questions or need more information, please call 877.789.2925.